What is Real PD?

REAL PD’s equine assisted learning and personal development programs provide an opportunity to re-connect with the here and now and allow clients to place their attention on how they make meaning of their world and experiences.

Regardless of previous experience with, or absence of experience with horses, interactions with the herd are presented in a safe and supported way. Nicole, in partnership with the herd will guide your self-empowering journey. Nicole and the horses stand as your "guides" in helping you explore your own coping patterns and emotional regulating skills and assist you on your personal development and growth journey.


About Nicole Galvin

Nicole is an Early Childhood Teacher, Counsellor, Community Development Officer, and Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner.

“Horses have been an integral part of my life for around 40 years. Over the past 15 years I have developed a deeper understanding of horse behaviour and horsemanship, whilst diversifying my career in teaching and training, to encompass management and leadership roles, all of which have contributed to the enrichment of my personal development and growth along the way. This journey has taken me all round Australia working and studying with various well respected natural horsemanship professionals, registered training organisations,mindfulness trainers and mentors in leadership and management.” In the past two years I have studied a Graduate Diploma Counselling with USQ and various models of therapy to deepen my learning and extend services at REAL PD.

At Real PD you will:

  • develop an understanding about how to feel safe and comfortable in your body

  • explore how to navigate unpleasant thoughts and feelings to experience greater internal peace

  • learn how fear and anxiety impact the body, and how to interrupt and release these sensations

  • understand about personal patterns that cause discomfort

  • learn to develop resilience to life’s challenges

  • experience greater self-acceptance

  • develop a greater sense of well-being



Learn How to "BE"

In this session/s the client learns breathing and grounding techniques. This is the beginning of awareness. “Living in the present moment”

Set Yourself Free

This is a set of (6-10) sessions focusing on mindfulness and present consciousness. Clients choose an area they want to work on and the program develops around it. For example, anxiety, mild depression, stress, setting healthy boundaries the list is as individual as the client. The sessions are very helpful for trapped emotions and assisting with developing emotional intelligence through learning about individual coping styles and patterns

Feel to Heal

A 3 hour workshop utilising essential oils and the power of awareness through grounding and allowing your being to be present with the horses and the environment. By immersing in this space, realisations can surface to inform you about your felt sense of the present moment and also an opportunity to accept and let go of stuckness and congestion that dwells in your thoughts and beliefs about the way you are in the world.