Why Horses?

Horses value and respond to authentic connections, so we are encouraged

to feel safe and allowed to be ourselves. Horses are naturally grounded,

aware, and connected; being around them encourages us to be the same.

 They value trusting relationships with their herd, which can include the

people they live and work with. They are masters of perception of people’s

feelings and use that information to decide how to behave.

Horses provide space for us to be in line with our true natures and allow us

to try new things free of feeling foolish or judged.  They offer unbiased,

effective, and immediate feedback in response to our behaviours and our


Horses are experts at reading body language and perceiving human

emotions and, therefore, respond to each of us as unique individuals. This

special relationship provides an opportune setting for people to learn more

about themselves and their patterns in the relationships they form.

Horses are amazing co-facilitators. They value relationships and are honest

communicators, providing clear feedback. They provide immediate

feedback to our body language.


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