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I am afraid of horses. Can I still benefit from this type of therapy?

Absolutely! Working within REAL PD’s supportive environment, it is your fear that may prove especially effective in breaking through old patterns and revealing important insights. No prior knowledge of horses and/or horsemanship is necessary.

What should I wear?

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to show up in your finest designer clothing, but do dress comfortably, and dress to fit the weather. Due to our hot and sometimes unpredictable climate sessions might start out at one temperature, but become much cooler or warmer as they progress. Closed-toed shoes are essential.

Do I need to have a professional referral for services?

No, anyone can call us to discuss if Equine Therapy is right for them.


What kind of special training do the REAL PD staff have?

The therapists and equine specialists at REAL PD are highly trained, holding Education Qualifications and Registered Counselling Qualifications and as such are required to do a prescribed amount of Professional Development in each field annually. All staff are also trained in Horse Psychology and Herd Behavior, via Parelli Natural Horsemanship, among other philosophies. Continuing education and training are an ongoing part of our educational process.


What type of payment is accepted at REAL PD?

REAL PD accepts cash, paypal and credit cards. We invoice NDIS clients through Plan Management or Directly to the NDIS.


Does REAL PD operate all year-round? What happens during bad weather?

Yes, we do operate all year round. We break over Queensland School holidays ,however, skeleton spots are available over these times to deliver consistency in our service for those who need this. Obviously, we don’t work in severe or dangerous weather conditions, including bad thunderstorms. We may opt to postpone and reschedule your session in these circumstances. We will contact you the day before or the day of if we deem something concerning enough to warrant cancellation. 

What if a I cancel my Session with REAL PD?

If you cancel your session for personal reasons and give REAL PD 48hrs notice, the session will be cancelled with no fee. If it is within the 48hrs before the session, the session will be charged at full price and not rescheduled as a credit. The only exception to this would be if the session is being cancelled due to an unforeseen crisis. In this case REAL PD is happy to reschedule without penalty.

Why horses?

Horses are uniquely attuned to their environment, and to everyone in it. They are continually assessing the communication skills in the people they encounter, and then respond honestly and without hesitation to that information. For this reason, they are invaluable resources in countless scenarios.

Can I do a video session with REAL PD?

Absolutely, we offer a live link service for your convenience.

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