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Meet the horses

I am an elderly Bay Pony.

I have only recently joined the REAL PD Herd.

I have lived a full and busy life, carried many children over the years and have seen many places and homes. I now offered my gentle presence and quiet wisdom to clients who visit us here at REAL PD.

Nicole ensures I have massages and body work regularly and a healthy and nutritional diet along with lots of love and care. Our health and wellbeing is very important to do the special work we do.

I am a mature Quarter horse mare. I was born into the REAL PD herd before we were REAL PD and have lived with variations of this herd all my life. I am strong willed and sensitive but also gentle and nurturing. I gave birth to Valla in 2011 my first and only foal. I watch out for him and am not afraid to discipline him when needed. In therapy work I often stand back and observe or approach if and when I want to. I love carrots for a treat, sometimes we get some in our feed. I am very close to Rainbow, we hang out a lot together.


I am a quarter horse, mother and gentle lead mare of the REAL PD Herd. I have worked with many people in equine assisted learning and have a strong and resilient presence. I am now 16 years old and needing a little more care and attention with my health and wellbeing. I love my treatments on the equissage machine and really enjoy being brushed . I show up regularly in sessions with clients and lead a relaxed natural life here at REAL PD.




I was born into the REAL PD herd in 2011. My name means “the chosen one”. I am the only foal born to Montana who also lives in the herd.

I am very friendly and engage with people in sessions regularly.

I have a playful nature and am strong and handsome.

I am a young Palomino mare and joined the REAL PD herd in December 2019. I have formed a special relationship with Mia and like to hang out with her often.


I will be observing and learning with Nicole for some time before I work with clients and establish my unique role at REAL PD. I am confident, gentle, and I like people.



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