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Our Approach

We provide programs and sessions that make an impact. Our practice a not one-size-fits-all approach because we know you are as unique as your needs and goals. We support individual growth and healing by offering innovative and varied design of programs and sessions.

We encourage you to be open and observe how horses live and behave through the Natural Way of the Horse Life Skills to interact with the world around you more clearly. Activities to guide and support you to feel safe whilst exploring and discovering things about yourself you may not have been aware of, leading to personal growth and confidence in yourself.

Our approach draws on many modalities, including equine-assisted psychotherapy, experiential psychotherapy and counselling, somatic experiencing, sand play, equine supported programs, nature and art therapeutic experiences.


Why Horses?

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Horses value and respond to honest and clear connections.  Horses are naturally grounded and aware; being around them encourages us to adopt and practise these skills. They value trusting relationships, which include the people they live and work with. They are masters of perception, emotions and use that information to decide how to behave in the present moment.

Horses provide space and freedom to practise being our true selves in a non-judgemental way. Horses are social animals,  relying on their social skills – including bonding, communication, boundaries, mutual regard, managing conflict, leadership,  self-purpose and belonging to fulfil important survival and flourishing needs.


For many, horses provide a model for "strength and wellness" in a holistic way with a strong body, grounded balance, sensitive nurturing and noble sureness (adopted from the Equine Supported Programs Model) 

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