How Real PD can help you and your clients

  • Education – learn to BE in the present moment. Feel how the body responds to breathing and bringing the focus back to your body and sensations.

  • Experiment – with skills and processes for developing resilience and self-regulation

  • Embody – develop the capacity to feel what is present and where it sits in your body

  • Engage – connect with the horses in specific ways to soothe, regulate, and attune your nervous system, recognising the feeling, and balancing out the body and mind

  • Experience – over multiple sessions and through breathing techniques, body scanning  and experiences with the horses how to recognise and regulate these sensations and feelings

  • Explore - your  sense of aliveness


Our practice does not currently include a counselling psychotherapy service. REAL PD professionals are able to discuss a referral process for clients if needed after clients navigate their way through the Horse Wisdom Program (developed by EPI Australia).

Professional Counselling services coming in 2020!


Equine Facilitators


The equine facilitators live together in a herd community.  Their work is dedicated to EAL – this allows them to be fully engaged and free to express themselves in the present moment. They live in a way that is as close as possible to their natural state and their experience of humans has been primarily one of mutual regard.


Our mission

To offer an environment
allowing the discovery and practice of
self-awareness, mindfulness and personal growth
by providing opportunities to experience and explore
new possibilities for change
through the way of the horse.