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Working With The NDIS

At REAL PD, we offer a variety of experiences for NDIS participants. In recent years more evidence-based research appears to support the horses' role and the environment in working with vulnerable people and clients with special needs. Through interaction in the environment and with the horses, clients achieve a calmer sense; they are more present and can focus longer. In our sessions, we too are seeing patterns beginning to emerge around clients, particularly clients with ADHD or ASD, who can concentrate longer and feel calmer and more regulated with compassionate facilitation.


When clients interact with horses, animals and nature in a way that feels right for them, they can develop balance with coping skills and slowly learn to regulate their behaviour/emotions. Horses recognise human behaviours and emotions and often mirror them in sessions. Through this visual information, awareness and compassion, a relationship begins to build between the client, facilitator and the horses. These relationships can then be duplicated in life outside the sessions, using the tools learnt in sessions.

Current research suggests that equine-assisted psychotherapy and Nature-based therapeutic experiences provide benefits for clients with anxiety and depression, people with mental health and behavioural disorders.

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