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I am a qualified Counselor/Life Mentor/Yoga Teacher and used the sessions with Nicole as part of my own professional development and personal awareness. The sessions brought awareness and clarity into previously unknown qualities of my life that now were needing to be addressed. The horses made for a very interesting and intriguing dynamic, something that cannot be found in a personal development session held within 4 walls. Nicole’s ability to facilitate the process was very professional and extremely intuitive. I learnt a lot about myself. When I see Nicole interact with her own horses on a deeply intuitive and nurturing level, I am convinced that the service she is offering will be a sought-after and popular venture for horse owners/lovers. I look forward to my next session and will definitely be recommending her services to people I know.

- Janice Goode (BSocSci)

“I thought I was going to spend a session with horses and that I would have fun. It was true and more! Once I realised in the exercises the horse was a key member of my team, and their reactions reflected my direction and leadership I was able to reflect, learn and adjust my behaviour – a perfect example for real life. It was an incredibly valuable day for me, very thought-provoking. I did fall in love with Valla and Rainbow.

I am looking forward to my next session soon!”.


- Sophie Lord Psychotherapist

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